The OLD YEOVILIANS' ASSOCIATION was formed in 1924 by the then innovative headmaster JW 'Boss' Pearson M.A. It exists to provide a central point of contact and information for all the 'old boys' who attended YEOVIL SCHOOL.

From the first available records in the 1920's until the school's enforced closure in 1974 some 3500 boys passed through its corridors.Currently approx. 850 of the 'old boys' are members of the Association - 650 are on email!.

It is the aim of this website to provide information of the School's long history in words, photographs plus the names of those who attended, along with the current members 'News' and future 'Sports and Social' activities.

©The Old Yeovilians' Association has the rights of ownership of the contents of this website.

Read the report of the Annual Reunion on Sunday July 2nd and the message to all members following the AGM on July 11th.