Members' News & Event Reports



News from OY members is sent by post and email throughout the year to the newsletter editor and is then collated into the annual 'Newsletter' in February.

The Newsletter is a colourful and interesting publication of 12+ pages that is sent either by post or, better still, by email to all current OY members.

If any member has any such 'News' items including photographs, items from their local Newspapers, TV, Radio, Company Magazine,etc that would be interesting to other OYs in the UK and around the World, please email it in to the website editor.

If you attended Yeovil School up to its closure in 1974 and are seeing this web site for the first time, why not go one step further and email your details to the Association. 
Please email your - Name, Address and Post Code, Telephone No., your 'From -To years at YS' and the 'House' (Kingston, School, Ivel) you were in to the website editor at - 

There are currently over 850 OYs recorded in the email register and for security reasons the addresses will not be listed on this website, instead the complete register can be emailed to all OYs who wish to request it from the web site editor. Please remember that it is a private members list and must not be used for any commercial purpose. 


 We have since 2014 had a 'Facebook' page under the heading of 'OLD YEOVILIANS' ASSOCIATION' with currently over 100 members.
This is a private 'closed site' only available to be be accessed by Yeovil School boys attending the school up it's close in 1974.

If you already a member of Facebook you can visit the OYA site and apply to become a member.
If you are not a member of Facebook you can just join and not enter any personal details if that is your wish and then apply to join our site.